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What is a ProCert Certified Training Center?

What is a PC Certified TC
ProCert Labs Certified Training Centers meet high standards of excellence. When you take classes from a training center that has met the qualifications needed to become certified, you can be sure you are getting the best possible experience for your money.
Before you employ a training center to teach you, make sure they're certified. Makes sense doesn't it?
What can you expect from a ProCert Certified Training Center?
Use of ProCert Certified Courseware
Only the best courseware available is used at ProCert Certified Training Centers
Up-to-date facilites, including the latest hardware and software available
Certified facilities are clean, organized and condusive to the IT learning experience. Certified Training Centers facilities provide their customers the best possible environment for achieving your goal of certification
Certified and licensed Instructors that have real world experience
Perhaps the most important features of a ProCert Certified Training Center are the high quality, experienced instructors on staff to help you master the sophisticated technologies that run our world.
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