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ProCert Labs Testing Process

Exam Objectives Testing

This test is designed to determine whether the course covers all the certification exam objectives for which it is designed. Our review team meticulously matches each and every published exam objective to the course content to assure that each objective is accurately covered in the course. The location of each correlation is identified and reported to the courseware developer in a confidential report for a validation of the correlation.

Instructional Design Testing

This test determines whether the course meets instructional design standards to assure exam concepts are logically organized and conceptually understandable. Using a proprietary methodology based on accepted instructional design standards, our review team assesses the instructional design integrity of the course including concept flow, graphic correlation and integration. Our  confidential report includes a thorough review of the course with commentary on each section. Sections are rated using a standardized set of questions based on the course modality and the audience.

14 Point Benchmark Comparison

To provide you with a benchmark comparison to similar courseware products, our review team compares your product to fourteen universal points of effective training. This test has been developed around a specific set of fourteen Yes or No questions. Our confidential report on this test will give you an idea of how your course compares to others in its category. Each catagory in the ProCert Labs testing report is designed to provide you with critical feedback that can be used for quality benchmarking, product improvement and to identify marketable features.

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