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ProCert Accredited


ProCert Accredited is a fresh agile look at validating certification programs.  This unique accreditation program measures the key features of a certification program, scores them individually, and rates the overall performance of the certification.  The scoring process helps the prospective certifying body to get a clear overview of what this accreditation process is and how it will help them accomplish their goal of creating a quality certification.

                                                        Get started right now by following these simple steps:

1.       Fill out account setup information (link below)
2.       ProCert will contact you and approve your account (normally within 24 hours)
3.       Login to website to submit certification information, including Exam Blueprint


                                         In order for a program to be ProCert Accredited it must include the following: 

  • Exam content aligns with job functions and job tasks as established by subject matter experts through a job task analysis process.
  • Exam blueprints (objectives, weightings, and other specifications) are made available to candidates prior to testing.
  • Exam items are written using well-accepted standards for item writing.
  • Exam items have been reviewed psychometrically by an independent test-development expert. 
  • If training is required as a component of the certification, the training delivery has been validated through a live instructional test. 
  • Exams are available from an independent professional test delivery/proctoring service. 


Depending on the type of certification, the process takes at least 60 business days.

Upon approval you can use the ProCert Accredited logo and be listed on ProCert website as a quality certification program.


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